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A directory of grocery deliveries in Sri Lanka

This website has been created as a public service by Antyra Solutions, an integrated agency specializing in eCommerce.

If you're like us, you are probably inundated with delivery services related messages on WhatsApp and Facebook right now but can't really figure out who is delivering what in your area. This website was created as a free directory service documenting grocery delivery in Sri Lanka, medicine deliveries, baby goods, prepared meals and everything in between.

The information on this website was sourced from published online sources and was created solely to function as a community service at this time. We cannot vouch for the factual accuracy of the information published or a vendor’s legal status to delivery. Nor do we claim to be authorized representatives of the vendors listed. Please use the information on this website at your own discretion.

Due to the sheer volume of calls and requests made by an entire country currently under curfew , some of these vendors may not be reachable immediately. We have merely represented their information based on what has been published online.

If you are a vendor or supplier who'd like to publish your delivery services; then submit your details on the 'Add Your Services' page, listings are completely free.

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